Broomhill Infant School

Nursery – Seedlings

Our Cinema

December 7, 2019

After the children started to act out cinema role plays on the carpet area we decided to transform our role play in to a cinema. They have had lots of fun acting out their favourite films, pretending to buy tickets and snacks, as well as watching one another perform! We have even had real popcorn!

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Dear Zoo

November 29, 2019

This week we wrote to the Zoo to send us a pet.. They sent us a hedgehog, a giraffe and some zebra finches… We loved them but we had to send them back! I wonder what will arrive at school next week!

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Learning to use Bee Bots

November 22, 2019

The children have been very exited to learn how to use the Bee Bots this week. They have learnt how to turn them on and off on their own and how to program them in different ways. They have also made maps for them to  move along and made bridges for them to move under […]

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