Broomhill Infant School

All About Bears

October 17, 2023

Term One has been a wonderful adventure in Holly Class. We have learnt all about the 8 different types of bears and their habitats. We have learn’t so many facts even things like that some types of bears only pregnant bears hibernate, that sloth bears have short noses and panda bears eat for 12 hours a day. The children have loved becoming researchers comparing and contrasting the different bears and even making their own factfiles. We also learnt about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We had so much fun acting out the story and bringing the characters to life. We learnt the story well and even wrote their own versions of the story. Through continuous provision the children took real ownership of their learning making the most of every moment. They love taking every opportunity to learn outside; especially getting muddy, Exploring nature, asking questions and engaging in scientific exploration every chance they got. They really have had an amazing start to year one and made firm friendships that are definitely going to last!