Broomhill Infant School

Vision and Ethos


To give children the confidence and knowledge to dream big.To inspire children to be passionate, curious and engage happily with the physical world around them. To prepare them as life-long learners in the belief that they can achieve their dreams.


We aim to provide each child with the opportunity to reach his/her full potential and develop a love of learning that is life-long.We aim to provide every child with the skills in learning how to learn.

As part of the Effective Lifelong Learning Intervention (ELLI) we encourage and nurture children to:

  • be motivated and engaged in learning
  • have high expectations for their own learning and behaviour
  • reflect and improve, being receptive to learning and developing
  • become independent learners, who enjoy learning, cope with challenge and change
  • be free to make their own choices
  • be confident and resilient
  • be able to collaborate and co-operate with others
  • have enquiring minds that enjoy solving problems

Personal attributes
Our holistic approaches:

  • develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards themselves, others and their surroundings
  • ensure children are happy, secure, confident, resilient and helpful individuals
  • give every child a sense of identity and feeling of being valued as an individual
  • develop tolerance of others, being able to make a positive contribution to society
  • become internationally aware
  • develop a moral sense
  • develop themselves in mind, body and spirit
  • help to learn how to keep themselves and others safe, and the importance of maintaining a healthy, sustainable life style