Broomhill Infant School

Sensory Games with Jack

December 8, 2021

Jack has helped us to learn about our senses. We have also learnt that Jack’s senses are the same as ours in that we both share the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

We learnt that we see things in daylight in much more detail and colour than Jack but Jack has better sight than us in the dark.  We played some games to check who has the best hearing, Jack won paws down…  He also has a better sense of smell especially for his treats that we hid around the hallway.

We learnt how we live in a visual world but for dogs they rely on their nose to make sense of their world.

Did you know that Jack gulps down his dinner in less than a minute and he barely tastes it.  We have many more taste buds than Jack.  We have 9000 compared to his 1700.

Best of all is our mutual need to touch and be touched and this is why we have such a great bond with Jack.